Parcours FAME ERASMUS MUNDUS : Advanced Hybrid Materials and Ceramics by Design

FAME Master is an International Master Programme in Functionalized Advanced Materials & Engineering funded by the Erasmus+ Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union.

étudiants avec banderole FAME © Michaël Josse étudiants avec banderole FAME © Michaël Josse

The FAME Master programme is a two-year (120 ECTS [1]) Master of Science Program offered in English by 7 universities of 4 different countries (France, Germany, Belgium, and Portugal).

These institutions host world-renowned leading research laboratories in the field of Advanced Materials Science. The students will benefit from the best practices used at these institutions and will take part in the management of scientific research-oriented projects.

The course consists of 4 semesters study of 30 ECTS each including a Master thesis in a European research laboratory. Students are required to spend Year 1 and 2 in at least two institutes from different countries.

Mandatory and optional courses are integrated and taught by distinguished professors and researchers who interact closely in the frame of EMMI.

The first two semesters deals with general topics about materials science.

The third semester is dedicated to a specialization provided by one of the partner universities as world-leading expert; it is made of mandatory and elective courses.

The last semester is spent in one of the laboratories of the European Network of Excellence FAME or in a related industry.

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